Didi B, Serge Beynaud & Roseline Layo - Welcome

Didi B
From the album
AFCON 2023

"Welcome" by Didi B featuring Serge Beynaud and Roseline Layo is likely a collaborative track that combines different musical styles and influences. Didi B, Serge Beynaud, and Roseline Layo each bring their unique sounds to the song.

The title "Welcome" suggests a theme of hospitality or inclusion, possibly setting the tone for a joyful and welcoming atmosphere in the music. With Serge Beynaud's Afrobeat and Coupe Decale style, combined with Roseline Layo's vocals, the song may offer a blend of upbeat rhythms and melodic elements.

To fully appreciate the track, it's recommended to give it a listen and enjoy how these artists come together to create a lively and dynamic musical experience.

About Welcome

Released February 16, 2024
Duration 03:40
Artist(s) Didi B, Serge Beynaud & Roseline Layo
Country Naija