Nous on veut s'amuser

Josey & Ayanne - Nous on veut s'amuser

From the album
AFCON 2023

"Nous on veut s'amuser" by Josey featuring Ayanne is likely a collaborative track that translates to "We want to have fun" in English. Josey, known for her contributions to Ivorian and West African music, might bring her distinctive style to the song.

The title suggests a theme of enjoyment and celebration, possibly with upbeat rhythms and lively melodies. With the inclusion of Ayanne, the track may feature diverse vocal elements and musical influences.

To fully appreciate the song, it's recommended to give it a listen and enjoy how Josey and Ayanne come together to create a joyful and entertaining musical experience.

About Nous on veut s'amuser

Released February 16, 2024
Duration 03:41
Artist(s) Josey & Ayanne
Country Naija