Ladies (Get Up)

Yemi Alade - Ladies (Get Up)

Yemi Alade
From the album
Mamapiano EP

"Ladies (Get Up)" by Yemi Alade is a vibrant anthem that encourages empowerment and confidence. As a solo track by Yemi Alade, the song is likely to showcase her energetic and uplifting musical style. With the title "Ladies (Get Up)," the lyrics may carry a motivational message, urging women to embrace their strength and stand tall. Expect catchy beats and Yemi Alade's signature vocal prowess to create an empowering and dance-worthy atmosphere. This track is poised to resonate with listeners who appreciate music that celebrates resilience and self-empowerment.

About Ladies (Get Up)

Released February 1, 2024
Duration 02:22
Artist(s) Yemi Alade
Country Naija

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