Ababuye (Bonus Track)

Saliwa & iNdoni - Ababuye (Bonus Track)


Delve into the bonus track "Ababuye" by the talented artist Saliwa, featuring the collaborative magic of iNdoni. This track adds an extra layer to the musical journey, showcasing Saliwa's versatility and the harmonious blend with iNdoni's unique style.

The title, "Ababuye," hints at a song filled with returns or revisits, promising a fresh perspective or addition to the musical narrative.

With the collaborative synergy at play, "Ababuye (Bonus Track)" provides an enriched and captivating musical experience for the listeners.

About Ababuye (Bonus Track)

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 05:29
Artist(s) Saliwa & iNdoni
Country South Africa