Baba Yaga

De Mthuda & Sam Deep - Baba Yaga

De Mthuda
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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga" by De Mthuda and Oscar Mbo featuring Sam Deep is likely an Amapiano collaboration that showcases the unique styles of these artists. De Mthuda, known for his contributions to Amapiano, and Oscar Mbo, a notable figure in the genre, may bring their production prowess to this track.

The title, "Baba Yaga," may draw inspiration from folklore or mythology. Baba Yaga is a character from Slavic folklore, often portrayed as a supernatural being. The track could potentially incorporate mystical or energetic elements in line with the character's nature.

To fully experience the collaborative effort, it's recommended to listen to "Baba Yaga" and enjoy how De Mthuda, Oscar Mbo, and Sam Deep contribute to the Amapiano soundscape in this particular track.

About Baba Yaga

Released February 20, 2024
Duration 05:56
Artist(s) De Mthuda & Sam Deep
Country South Africa

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