Kelvin Momo & Sjava - Uthando

Kelvin Momo

"Uthando" is a collaborative track by Kelvin Momo and Sjava. Kelvin Momo, known for his expertise in the Amapiano genre, joins forces with the versatile South African artist Sjava to create a captivating musical piece.

The title, "Uthando," translates to "Love" in English, suggesting that the song likely explores themes of affection and emotion.

With Kelvin Momo's Amapiano influence and Sjava's unique vocal style, "Uthando" promises to be a blend of rich melodies and rhythmic beats, showcasing the diversity and talent within South Africa's music scene.

About Uthando

Released December 10, 2023
Duration 07:30
Artist(s) Kelvin Momo & Sjava
Country South Africa

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