Sara Woga

De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef & Mr Brown - Sara Woga

De Mthuda
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Baba Yaga

"Sara Woga" by De Mthuda and Da Muziqal Chef featuring Mr. Brown is likely an Amapiano track that showcases the collaborative efforts of these artists. De Mthuda and Da Muziqal Chef are known for their contributions to the Amapiano genre, and their partnership may result in a dynamic and energetic track.

The inclusion of Mr. Brown suggests that the song may feature soulful vocals or catchy melodies, adding depth to the overall composition. The title, "Sara Woga," doesn't have a direct translation, but it could be a phrase or expression used in the context of the song.

To fully appreciate the track, it's recommended to give "Sara Woga" a listen and enjoy the fusion of Amapiano beats and Mr. Brown's vocals, creating a vibrant and engaging musical experience.

About Sara Woga

Released February 20, 2024
Duration 04:57
Artist(s) De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef & Mr Brown
Country South Africa

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