DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax - Uzozisola

DJ Father

Get ready for the enchanting sounds of "Uzozisola" brought to you by the collaborative talents of DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax.

This trio, consisting of DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy, and Dsax, crafts a musical experience that combines captivating beats with the melodic charm of Dsax.

"Uzozisola" is not just a song; it's a harmonious collaboration, showcasing the collective creativity of DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy, and Dsax, and contributing to the diverse and vibrant soundscape of South African music.

About Uzozisola

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 07:30
Artist(s) DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax
Country South Africa

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