Who Jah Bless

Cassper Nyovest - Who Jah Bless

Cassper Nyovest
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"Who Jah Bless" by Cassper Nyovest is a song that reflects on gratitude and the acknowledgment of blessings received. The title "Jah" is a reference to God, borrowing from Rastafarian culture where "Jah" is used as a name for God. In the song, Cassper Nyovest likely expresses gratitude for the blessings he has received in his life, acknowledging the role of faith and divine providence. The track might feature introspective lyrics, uplifting beats, and a positive message, resonating with listeners who appreciate themes of gratitude and spiritual reflection.

About Who Jah Bless

Released February 7, 2024
Duration 02:35
Artist(s) Cassper Nyovest
Country South Africa

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