Long Time

Malome Vector, Ntate Stunna & Lizwi Wokuqala - Long Time

Malome Vector

Malome Vector ft. Ntate Stunna & Lizwi Wokuqala - "Long Time": A Timeless Collaboration of Musical Mastery

Embark on a timeless collaboration of musical mastery with "Long Time" by Malome Vector featuring the lyrical prowess of Ntate Stunna and the soulful vocals of Lizwi Wokuqala. Immerse yourself in a melodic journey that showcases the individual strengths of each artist, creating a track that resonates with heartfelt emotion and rhythmic excellence.

"Long Time" is a testament to the creative synergy between Malome Vector, Ntate Stunna, and Lizwi Wokuqala. The song transcends musical boundaries, offering listeners a soul-stirring experience that captures the essence of timelessness.

Unveiling "Long Time"

The unveiling of "Long Time" introduces a song that stands the test of time. Malome Vector's distinctive style combines seamlessly with Ntate Stunna's lyrical finesse and Lizwi Wokuqala's soulful vocals, resulting in a composition that is both invigorating and emotionally resonant. Each verse and note contributes to the overall richness of this collaborative musical masterpiece.

About Long Time

Released December 3, 2023
Duration 03:23
Artist(s) Malome Vector, Ntate Stunna & Lizwi Wokuqala
Country South Africa

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