Bandros, Cj keys, Mr Kaningi & Mdu Humble - Jabula


Get ready to celebrate with "Jabula" by the dynamic ensemble Bandros, featuring the vibrant collaboration with Cj keys, Mdu Humble & Mr Kaningi. Bandros leads the way, creating an infectious track that merges their musical prowess with the distinct styles of Cj keys, Mdu Humble, and Mr Kaningi.

The title, "Jabula," which translates to "Celebrate" in Zulu, sets the mood for a joyous and festive musical experience.

With the collective energy at play, "Jabula" promises a lively blend of melodies and beats, showcasing the collaborative brilliance within South Africa's music community.

About Jabula

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 07:09
Artist(s) Bandros, Cj keys, Mr Kaningi & Mdu Humble
Country South Africa

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