Pudi Mo Bareng

Dr Nel, Marumo The Vocalist & Mash K - Pudi Mo Bareng

Dr Nel

Embark on a musical adventure with "Pudi Mo Bareng" by the versatile artist Dr Nel, featuring the soulful talents of Marumo The Vocalist & Mash K. Dr Nel orchestrates a rhythmic symphon Embark y that invites listeners into an immersive sonic experience.

The title, "Pudi Mo Bareng," carries a sense of rhythm and harmony, setting the stage for a melodic journey that transcends language barriers and resonates with diverse audiences.

With Marumo The Vocalist's soulful expressions and Mash K's rhythmic contributions, "Pudi Mo Bareng" promises a harmonious blend of melodies and beats, showcasing the collaborative brilliance inherent in South Africa's rich music tapestry

About Pudi Mo Bareng

Released December 15, 2023
Duration 04:23
Artist(s) Dr Nel, Marumo The Vocalist & Mash K
Country South Africa