Dark Hills

Young Stunna, Nkulee 501 & Skroef28 - Dark Hills

Young Stunna

Embark on a musical journey through "Dark Hills" by the talented artist Young Stunna, featuring Nkulee 501 & Skroef28.

Young Stunna, accompanied by the collaborative talents of Nkulee 501 and Skroef28, crafts a captivating musical piece that blends atmospheric beats with individual styles.

"Dark Hills" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of musical fusion, showcasing the creative synergy between Young Stunna, Nkulee 501, and Skroef28, and adding depth to the diverse soundscape of South African music.

About Dark Hills

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 06:18
Artist(s) Young Stunna, Nkulee 501 & Skroef28
Country South Africa