Sisi Havana

Shakar EL - Sisi Havana

Shakar EL

"Sisi Havana (Kizomba)" by Shakar EL is a track that likely explores the Kizomba genre, known for its sensual and rhythmic dance style. The title suggests a theme related to a woman named Sisi in the vibrant atmosphere of Havana. Expect Shakar EL's musical versatility with Kizomba's signature romantic and danceable beats, providing listeners with a captivating and immersive experience. "Sisi Havana (Kizomba)" is poised to appeal to fans of Afro-Lusophone music, showcasing Shakar EL's ability to infuse different cultural elements into his sound.

About Sisi Havana

Released February 4, 2024
Duration 02:27
Artist(s) Shakar EL