iWeekend Inkulu

Duncan & Okmalumkoolkat - iWeekend Inkulu


Dive into the weekend vibes with "iWeekend Inkulu" by Duncan, featuring the dynamic presence of Okmalumkoolkat. This track promises a lively and spirited auditory experience, blending Duncan's lyrical prowess with the distinctive style of Okmalumkoolkat, creating an upbeat and engaging sonic atmosphere.

The title, "iWeekend Inkulu," suggests a song filled with celebratory and weekend-ready vibes, inviting listeners to embrace the festive soundscape.

With Duncan and Okmalumkoolkat's collaboration, "iWeekend Inkulu" delivers a

About iWeekend Inkulu

Released January 11, 2024
Duration 03:39
Artist(s) Duncan & Okmalumkoolkat
Country South Africa