Zane Gulston, 2Kultured, Shakes, Les & Vuyo Ndevu - Ngyabonga

Zane Gulston

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt gratitude of "Ngyabonga" by the talented artist Zane Gulston, featuring the collaborative talents of 2Kultured, Shakes, Les & Vuyo Ndevu. Zane Gulston leads the way, creating a poignant track that seamlessly combines his musical finesse with the unique styles of 2Kultured, Shakes, Les, and Vuyo Ndevu.

The title, "Ngyabonga," which means "Thank You" in Zulu, sets the tone for a song filled with appreciation and emotional depth.

With the collective synergy at play, "Ngyabonga" promises a melodic fusion of beats and vocals, showcasing the diverse creativity within the contemporary South African music scene.

About Ngyabonga

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 06:35
Artist(s) Zane Gulston, 2Kultured, Shakes, Les & Vuyo Ndevu
Country South Africa