Late That Night (Tribute To Dukesoul)

Abidoza & Jay Sax - Late That Night (Tribute To Dukesoul)

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"Late That Night (Tribute To Dukesoul)" by Abidoza featuring Jay Sax is likely a heartfelt tribute to the late South African house music producer Dukesoul. The track may incorporate elements of Amapiano along with saxophone melodies by Jay Sax, creating a poignant and emotional atmosphere. Expect a soulful and reflective composition that pays homage to Dukesoul's legacy and contributions to the music industry. The collaboration with Jay Sax is expected to add depth and richness to the track, capturing the essence of the tribute. "Late That Night (Tribute To Dukesoul)" is likely to resonate with fans of both Amapiano and house music, offering a touching and memorable musical tribute.

About Late That Night (Tribute To Dukesoul)

Released February 7, 2024
Duration 08:23
Artist(s) Abidoza & Jay Sax
Country South Africa

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