Nine To Five

Deeper Phil & EeQue - Nine To Five

Deeper Phil

Embark on a rhythmic journey with "Nine To Five" by Deeper Phil, featuring the distinctive talents of EeQue. This track promises an energetic and dynamic auditory experience, blending Deeper Phil's musical finesse with the unique contributions of EeQue, creating a pulsating and engaging sonic atmosphere.

The title, "Nine To Five," suggests a song filled with vibrant and spirited vibes, capturing the essence of the daily grind, and inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the rhythmic soundscape.

With the collaboration at play, "Nine To Five" delivers a harmonious fusion of musical elements, showcasing the creative depth within the contemporary music scene.

About Nine To Five

Released January 11, 2024
Duration 08:54
Artist(s) Deeper Phil & EeQue
Country South Africa