Chike & MohBad - Egwu


"Egwu" by Chike featuring MohBad is a collaborative track that brings together Chike's musical finesse with MohBad's unique style. The title, "Egwu," suggests a rhythmic and danceable tune, characteristic of Afrobeat. With Chike's soulful touch and MohBad's energetic contributions, the song is likely to offer a dynamic blend of melodies and verses. Expect a lively atmosphere and engaging lyrics that showcase the synergy between these two artists. "Egwu" is poised to capture the attention of fans who appreciate a fusion of soulful vocals and vibrant Afrobeat sounds.

About Egwu

Released February 1, 2024
Duration 02:16
Artist(s) Chike & MohBad
Country Naija