19 & Dangerous (Deluxe)

19 & Dangerous (Deluxe)

Ayra Starr

About Ayra Starr 19 & Dangerous (Deluxe) Album

Ayra Starr's "19 & Dangerous (Deluxe)" album is an extended version of her original project, featuring additional tracks and possibly bonus content. As an emerging Nigerian artist signed to Mavin Records, Ayra Starr gained attention with her self-titled EP, and "19 & Dangerous" marks a significant step in her career.

The album likely showcases Ayra's versatility as an artist, exploring various genres and themes. Each track is expected to carry its own unique sound, blending Afrobeat, R&B, and other influences. The deluxe edition often includes extra songs or remixes, providing fans with even more music to enjoy.

Released August 6, 2021
Duration 22:46
Artist(s) Ayra Starr
Genre Naija
Label Mavin Studios
Producer(s) Don Jazzy, Andre Vibez