Buyela Ekhaya

De Mthuda & Aymos - Buyela Ekhaya

De Mthuda
From the album
Baba Yaga

"Buyela Ekhaya" by De Mthuda and Aymos is likely a song that explores themes related to returning home. De Mthuda, known for his contributions to the Amapiano genre, and Aymos, a vocalist, may infuse the track with the infectious beats and soulful vocals characteristic of Amapiano music.

The title, translated as "Come Back Home," suggests a theme of longing, nostalgia, or the desire to return to one's roots. The track may feature rhythmic Amapiano instrumentals, captivating melodies, and Aymos' vocals providing an emotive touch.

To fully appreciate the song, it's recommended to give it a listen and immerse yourself in the Amapiano soundscape created by De Mthuda and Aymos in "Buyela Ekhaya."

About Buyela Ekhaya

Released February 19, 2024
Duration 04:59
Artist(s) De Mthuda & Aymos
Country South Africa

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