My Brother A Letter To Ndi Igbo

Anyidons & Mr. C-Jay - My Brother A Letter To Ndi Igbo


"My Brother (A Letter To Ndi Igbo)" by Anyidons featuring Mr. C-Jay is a collaborative track that likely carries a heartfelt message to the Igbo people. The title suggests a theme of unity or reflection within the Igbo community. Expect a blend of beats and possibly poignant lyrics, creating a meaningful and resonant listening experience. "My Brother" is poised to resonate with fans who appreciate music with cultural significance, showcasing Anyidons and Mr. C-Jay's ability to convey a message through their collaborative effort.

About My Brother A Letter To Ndi Igbo

Released February 4, 2024
Duration 03:52
Artist(s) Anyidons & Mr. C-Jay
Country Naija