Zitha Zami

Mapara A Jazz, Mazet SA & Crosswavee - Zitha Zami

Mapara A Jazz

Experience the vibrant rhythms of "Zitha Zami" by the dynamic ensemble Mapara A Jazz, featuring the collaborative talents of Mazet SA & Crosswavee. Mapara A Jazz leads the way, creating a lively track that seamlessly blends their musical flair with the unique styles of Mazet SA and Crosswavee.

The title, "Zitha Zami," invites listeners into a sonic journey, hinting at a lively and engaging musical experience.

With the collective synergy at play, "Zitha Zami" promises a harmonious fusion of beats and melodies, showcasing the diverse creativity within the contemporary South African music scene.

About Zitha Zami

Released December 16, 2023
Duration 07:07
Artist(s) Mapara A Jazz, Mazet SA & Crosswavee
Country South Africa