Smooth Operator

Majorsteez & AKA - Smooth Operator


Indulge in the smooth sounds of "Smooth Operator" by the talented duo Majorsteez, featuring the collaborative flair of the renowned artist AKA. This track promises a seamless and stylish auditory experience, showcasing Majorsteez's musical finesse and AKA's distinctive contributions, creating a sophisticated and engaging sonic atmosphere.

The title, "Smooth Operator," suggests a song filled with polished beats and stylish melodies, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the sleek soundscape.

With the collaborative synergy at play, "Smooth Operator" delivers a harmonious fusion of musical elements, showcasing the creative depth within the contemporary music scene.

About Smooth Operator

Released January 2, 2024
Duration 03:54
Artist(s) Majorsteez & AKA
Country South Africa