Don't Wanna Love You

Abidoza, Xenia Manasseh & Jay Sax - Don't Wanna Love You

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"Don't Wanna Love You" by Abidoza featuring Xenia Manasseh & Jay Sax is likely a collaborative track that blends Abidoza's production skills with the vocal stylings of Xenia Manasseh and the saxophone melodies of Jay Sax. Expect a fusion of smooth beats, soulful vocals, and expressive saxophone tunes, creating a captivating and emotionally resonant listening experience. The collaboration with these artists is expected to bring depth and richness to the track, showcasing their collective talent. "Don't Wanna Love You" is likely to appeal to fans of soulful and melodic music, offering a blend of infectious rhythms and heartfelt performances.

About Don't Wanna Love You

Released February 7, 2024
Duration 08
Artist(s) Abidoza, Xenia Manasseh & Jay Sax
Country South Africa

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