1 November

Malome Vector, Wave Rhyder & Ntate Stunna - 1 November

Malome Vector

Malome Vector's "1 November" ft. Wave Rhyder & Ntate Stunna: A Collaborative Musical Journey

Embark on a collaborative musical journey with "1 November" by Malome Vector, featuring the rhythmic vibes of Wave Rhyder and the lyrical prowess of Ntate Stunna. Experience a fusion of talents that transcends genres and creates a unique sonic experience.

"1 November" is a dynamic collaboration that showcases the diverse talents of Malome Vector, Wave Rhyder, and Ntate Stunna. The song not only celebrates their individual strengths but also highlights the magic that happens when artists come together in the spirit of creative synergy.

About 1 November

Released December 2, 2023
Duration 04:35
Artist(s) Malome Vector, Wave Rhyder & Ntate Stunna
Country South Africa

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