ProSoul Da Deejay & LeeMcKrazy - Ungowami

ProSoul Da Deejay

Immerse yourself in the soulful vibes of "Ungowami"—a captivating collaboration by the talented artist ProSoul Da Deejay, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of LeeMcKrazy. This musical gem promises to take you on a journey of emotion and rhythm.

The title, "Ungowami," suggests a personal and intimate touch, hinting at the song's exploration of themes related to connection and love.

With ProSoul Da Deejay's expert musical craftsmanship and LeeMcKrazy's enchanting voice, "Ungowami" is set to be a harmonious blend of soulful beats and expressive melodies. Brace yourself for a musical experience that transcends boundaries, crafted by these exceptional artists!

About Ungowami

Released January 4, 2024
Duration 06:42
Artist(s) ProSoul Da Deejay & LeeMcKrazy
Country South Africa